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Nicholas Barkley

Nicholas is our " Ballroom Viking" Nicholas is from Montana, and he is our wedding dance expert, in addition to that he loves to work with social dancers and aspiring competitors Nicholas is  patient, well-trained, and dedicated to making your lessons fun. Working hard to provide exceptional customer service, Nick will deliver great results at a schedule and pace that’s tailored to your needs. Whatever your goals may be, our  teachers have the tools and experience to help you get there.

Rachel White

Rachel White is fluent in both English and Russian. Although she grew up in Los Angeles, she maintains her fluency in the Russian language.

Rachel's true passion in life encompasses dancing. Her success as a dance teacher is proven by her ability to motivate and bring out the best. She enjoys the challenge  of morphing herself as a teacher to best suit each student.

Her vast choreography knowledge comes from her time on New Zealand’s Dancing with the Stars where she became a finalist  

Rachel is a two-time NZ Professional Latin Champion, representative to the World Championships, International World Professional Latin Semi-finalist, Professional National Finalist in Latin and Smooth styles.

In addition to winning many Competitions, in 2018 Rachel was  a judge on Dancing With The Stars New Zealand! 

She is currently ranked #5 Top Female Dance Teacher in the USA, by the Dancesport World Series, and was ranked 8th in the world  in Professional Smooth in 2017.

In addition,Rachel has coached students to earn incredible titles including the top male dancer in the World Dance Series.

Julian Tocker

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