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Wedding Dance Programs​

Your Wedding Day is a day to remember forever!! Let Rachel help your wedding day dreams come true in choreographing your first dance as a married couple. Your wedding dance can be a huge fancy routine or just something so you feel comfortable on the dance floor. Rachel is very creative and can help you choose a special song and dance for your wedding. Your wedding dance can be a traditional waltz or super fun energetic swing, tell Rachel how bold you want to be!

Rachel can choreograph a dance to your music, it is a dance made special for you on your wedding day and a video of the dance and song can be cut and edited and given to you.

Rachel personalizes every lesson to your individual needs and desires. Rachel’s goal is to make you feel as confident and comfortable for your wedding dance as possible!!!

When should You start?
Rachel Understands that the upcoming time close to your wedding is hectic, so she is very flexible to your schedule. Rachel recommends start 2-3 months prior to your wedding, but can accommodate any time frame- whether it’s a couple of days prior or 6 months before!

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